A Guide to LGBTQ+ Travel in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a welcoming destination for LGBTQ+ travelers, with a vibrant community and many activities and events to enjoy. From the nightlife in San Juan to the beaches and rainforests of the island, there’s something for everyone. Here’s our guide to LGBTQ+ travel in Puerto Rico, including some of the best activities to enjoy.

The LGBTQ+ Community in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a large and active LGBTQ+ community, with many organizations and events to support and celebrate the community. San Juan, in particular, is known for its LGBTQ+ nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and events catering to the community. The Santurce neighborhood is a hub of LGBTQ+ culture, with many businesses and events centered around the community.

Best Activities: Nightlife in San Juan, Pride events, LGBTQ+ beach parties, exploring the Santurce neighborhood

Pride Events in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico celebrates Pride Month in June, with events and parades throughout the island. The San Juan Pride Parade is one of the largest in the Caribbean, with a colorful procession through the streets of the city. Other Pride events throughout the island include beach parties, drag shows, and cultural events celebrating LGBTQ+ history and culture.

Best Activities: Attending San Juan Pride Parade, exploring LGBTQ+ cultural events throughout the island, attending beach parties and drag shows

LGBTQ+ Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has several beaches that are popular with the LGBTQ+ community. One of the most popular is Ocean Park Beach in San Juan, which is known for its lively LGBTQ+ beach parties. Other popular LGBTQ+ beaches include Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla and Secret Beach in Fajardo.

Best Activities: Attending LGBTQ+ beach parties at Ocean Park Beach, snorkeling at Crash Boat Beach, hiking to Secret Beach

LGBTQ+-Friendly Accommodations in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has several LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations, from small guesthouses to luxury resorts. The Dreamcatcher Guesthouse in San Juan is a popular LGBTQ+-owned and operated guesthouse, with a focus on sustainability and wellness. The El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo is a luxury resort with beautiful views and many amenities.

Best Activities: Relaxing at the Dreamcatcher Guesthouse, exploring the El Yunque Rainforest near the El Conquistador Resort

Key Take Aways

In conclusion, Puerto Rico is a welcoming and inclusive destination for LGBTQ+ travelers, with many activities and events to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for nightlife, beaches, or cultural events, Puerto Rico has something to offer. Come and explore this beautiful island and its vibrant LGBTQ+ community.