Getting Around Puerto Rico: Do You Need A Car?

How Do You Get Around Puerto Rico

When exploring and travelling around the island, we recommend that you rent a car and explore the island for at least a few days. Many tourists stay within the resorts and we can’t blame them, some resorts offer good entertainment and care services that provide everything you need for a holiday, but if you want to get to know Puerto Rico, go and explore.

By Car

The best and most comfortable way to explore the island is to rent a car so you can explore as much as your heart desires. Explore Puerto Rico with the Car Rental Guide to Puerto Rico

By Bike

If you love cycling, be prepared to explore our unique trails.

By Train

The train is mostly used by locals. The train is less useful for travellers visiting tourist areas.


Puerto Rico is a very modern island like the United States, you will find taxis, bus system and publicos (public / shared rides, fixed costs with fixed routes).

There are public ferries that run to the islands of Vieques, Culebra and from San Juan Pier to Catano and Hato Rey. Private ferries take you to the Caja de Muerto islands in Ponce (southern region) and Gilligan’s in Guanica (western region).